tiistai 30. maaliskuuta 2010

slipping to emoish world

For the begining I have to tell that I really don't know and don't want to know differencies between different subgenres in core/emo world. I just know that there are plenty of bands relly cool tight bands in these genres in Japan too. I just started to enjoy metalcore music within a year so even Japanese bands might copy some stuff directly from their idols I don't know it and they sound quite fresh to me ^_^.

For those who hates everything that has emo or core words in their style definition please just skip these posts. I want to be open to newer styles because if its crap I don't have to like it and there is always chance to find something interesting.

So the 1st band in this genre to be introduced is 404NOTFOUND. Violator from BSC recommended this band for me in their demo era and I think they have released a full lenght CD and PV. I have heard they are very good live band!

Their myspace is here

sunnuntai 28. maaliskuuta 2010

Some newer music

Japan has maybe thousands of bands from really crappy ones to diamonds including some excellent cover bands. Band culture has its originality and since there are lot of people in Japan every single subgenre has own fans and own active submusic culture. That's one of the reasons I love Japanese music scene. I find always something interesting new bands and songs.

One of the newer bands I've found is My Material Season. This is very yoshiki influenced metal mixed with melodic death metal elements. In my words they took the best of X-Japan and addes new flavours.

My Material Season = speedy drumming, nice melodies, twin leads, pianos and better singing than Toshi who sings sometimes not so well.

It is quite diffucult to find deeper information about My Material Season but at least they have myspace and Nozaki adds sometimes nice samples to youtube too. And his drumming videos are cool too even you need to have access to them in mixi.jp

My Material Season is one of those bands I wish to have bright future!

Check them out at myspace, its an order ^_^: My Material Season@Myspace

perjantai 26. maaliskuuta 2010

X & X-Japan

This must be one of the bands that comes into mind when topic is Japanese harder music. At least for me it is.

The fun thing is that first song that I heard was "Weekend" and later legendary ballad "Say Anything" but they didn't made good impression. About 6 years later one of my friend said to me that I might like them so I asked my sister to send some of their music to me. That was still the era of C-tapes ^_^.

So I got Dahlia on C-tape and that song really impressed me. I repeated the first song many many times after the first listening and it was a must to learn with guitar. Later I got more their music. So I found outthat some songs were extremely good. Usually the fast ones but unfortuntely quite many boring songs too. hide made lot of better stuff on his solo career than not so good rock songs to X-Japan but this is just my opinion.

 So Dahlia is my pick today. It is just pure art from first note to the end!

torstai 25. maaliskuuta 2010

This is it

This is simply the begining of this new blog.

Idea behind this is just to share good songs, bands, albums, videos of  harder music from Japan. I do listen very different genres so in the end this might contain bands from acoustic instrumental jazz to the most extreme metal. I try to limit this Japanese bands only but its just one rule that I can break.

I'm not so much into Visual Kei stuff even I like some bands if just music is enough good. Usually it just isn't my cup of tea.So if you are looking for information about V-kei you propably do not find it here.

Some unuseful facts about me:
* I love Japan and I have been there a while so I know I love that country
* I do play guitar ->  Japanese tend to like guitarist music -> they make music I like
* I do speak some Japanese and it helps me finding new bands
* I'm not native English speaker so my written language is not going to be perfect
* I'm not expert in Japanese music (or music overall) I just post what I like

I hope to find some cool connections by starting this blog and hopefully make some new connections
between Japanese bands and the rest of the world.

As a first band and song I take song TRUTH from great band Blood Stain Child, enjoy:

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