maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2011

YJM's of Japan

Japan has huge amount of guitarist many of them playing in cover bands. Some of them are awesome players and some of them making great covers and  makes original music that could be their idols own music. YJM is the guitar hero today. He is still big name in Japans since I have heard that there is dedicated rock bar for only to him. ^_^.

There are many YJM styli or neoclassical guitarist in Japan. On really good is Takayoshi Ohmura who I have already introduced here. But first to link today is a great fun guitarist I met at Mixi. Angchan plays sometimes live at ustream and also many videos on youtube. He also plays in YJM cover band Seventh Sign.

This is one of my favourite YJM covered by Angchan

And another artist introduced today is Katsu Ohta better known as a guitarist of Ark Storm. This is original music but its more YJM than YJM himself IMO

torstai 9. kesäkuuta 2011


BSC topic is perfect for today when they left the soil of Japan to fly to USA A-KON 2011. They released few days ago a new song from their new album at myspace. But as I though someone had already uploaded it into youtube.

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