maanantai 25. huhtikuuta 2011

My Music Life

404NOT FOUND has released a new single.  Sounds quite mainstream me but because the quality is top notch its only a good thing. Good happy song to the spring!

torstai 14. huhtikuuta 2011

130311 afterlife

Life goes on and death is still so close. We never know whats ahead us. 130311 was a big shock even for years been talk about  that the big earthquake will strike Japan. It took time to get back into normal life even living so far away from Japan. So I took time off from this blog. But now I want to share one link to the site that gives me hope because I see it in these posters:

Iwate Posters

Song for today is Each For The Days. I know only this clip about them and the fact that they play live with Inhale soon. That's where I found the band name.

And then interesting news that Ryu has been hinting many times in his blog. Now its official. I knew only that it is a super secret project with Ettori of the Coroner records. Good suprise that it was a theme compliation album called Princess Ghibli which is in the shops now:

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