perjantai 18. helmikuuta 2011

Dragon Guardian

Dragon Guardian is doujin band of Yuusha Arthur. Music has usually featuring musicians with familiar names from other circles. Dragon Guardian presents high quality Xa Metal of Japan. Its symphonic, fast, well played, well composed and having japanese narrative speech in songs. This was one of the first doujin bands I found outbut for some reason I have forgot to introduce them.

Dragon Guardian has released four albums and two EP's. So very productive band. If you like powermetal or bands like Rhapsody of Fire this is your music!

tiistai 15. helmikuuta 2011

Black Mage

How many has become Japan fanatic via anime or games? Those who played games of DQ or FF series might know Black Mages. Its the band of Nobuo Uematsu the keyboard wizard and the great great composer. Black Mages plays game music arranged to the band instruments and they do it as well as anyone can do it. As a genre this is closer to the hard rock than metal but who cares.

torstai 10. helmikuuta 2011

Liv Moon

Liv Moon is releasing their second album 16th March and JVC Music has put some stuff on their site and also PV of New Song: Shi no Butou ~Dies Irae~

Other stuff that you can watch on JVC site are here:

maanantai 7. helmikuuta 2011

Yousei Teikoku

I found this band recently and its fun that I have never heard about anything about them. Just because they seem to be really active and have so many pv's on youtube too.

Music is awesome but I canät decide if I like or not the vocals. They are so hmm. No words to desrcibe. You have to listen yourself and make own judgement to like or not.

lauantai 5. helmikuuta 2011

Time warp to 90's (hard rock vids)

to older days.

Wands - Same Side not so metal but really good song that was totally new sounding Wands. Nice memories comes into mind every time I hear this.

B'z - Samayou Aoi Dangan. Just really good Hard Rock song.

Siam Shade - 1/3 Junjou Na Kanjou (^_^) song. Listen to nice guitar playing too.

keskiviikko 2. helmikuuta 2011

Some new music videos

Within few days I saw tweet about Area51's new PV so I listened it. Quite good song.

Also Ancient Myth has released new PV some times ago:

Light Bringer has published first PV from album Resistance:

Then I heard from the bassist of Darkness Rose that they are releasing their first EP which I'm really looking for.

I read from Takayoshi Ohmura's mixi that Liv Moon has shoot a PV too. Must be the first single from their new cd. Takayoshi is also touring soon with Marty Friedman but not coming near where I live. I really wish to see them playing together some day.

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