keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2011

One More Metal Touhou - Stratiotes

My friends bandmate seems to have his own Touhou projec. It is good for my taste so please listen to some Stratioes. Good stuff from a drummer!


Lately I have been busy with my own music and band so there hasn't been much interest to update this blog.

So I'm continuining same way for a while and gonna have better time enjoying the coming of the Autumn.

Goodbye summer!

keskiviikko 24. elokuuta 2011

Inhale - Sanctuary

Some times ago I ordered a demo from Inhale but due to some problems it never reached me. Maybe Japan post couldn't handle the hot hot demo package. Anyway one of the songs the demo is Sanctuary featuring the new vocalist Jeff.  I really like this song and even the demo quality is IMO very good. Better than some real records I own. Surely one of the best bands in Japan.

And what about the news from Sophias mixi page that said about the long European tour. You can't know how much I have waited this. Do I finally get the chance to see them 3rd time. Do they come to enough close to my country?

keskiviikko 17. elokuuta 2011

Error II

Error has released new mini album Vbleach. So you need to check out what they have recorded for us:


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