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Females in japameta x xx xx x

Exist†Trace - nice rock/metal band and females members only. Well known band at least in Europe since they have toured here few times. They sound is quite modern with variety of influences from different genres. Some times they are sound agressive but still not very extreme. Sometimes I get Luna Sea vibes from their songs which is always good. My friend once told that it's because other guitarist is huge LS fan.

maanantai 20. syyskuuta 2010

Females in Japameta part xxxxx

Onmyo-za is so famous band that it doesn't need any representing. Or it shouldn't have. If you haven't heard anything of them then it's time your homework right now.

I can't decide what I think about them. Partly they are great and partly I don't like them and I don't know the reason. That's also why I wait until this to write something about them. Maybe I just need to listen them with right timing.

But here is a good song of them with really cool male-female harmonies in chorus!!!

perjantai 17. syyskuuta 2010

females part xxxx

Back in the days before Youtube or Myspace it was pain in the ass to find Japanese music legally or unlegally or even information via various sites (like Japanese Channel by Pam chan). Thos times therewas bands and getting fonts to get read most sites was so cool. But mp3's or samples were hard to get and todays blogs Ancient Myth has something to do with that.

Nope, not me telling ancient myth even I could tell too long about stuff like listening my favourite J-music on casette tape!

Ancient Myth's singer was in the scene already then with her band Mandylion. I didnät ever get any music of them I think so it was interesting to getting into know what knd of music it might have been with this band. Ancient Myth is something gothic and melodic metal with neoclassic elements. Good combination.But it would be better to my ears wihtout autotune effect (yeah I'm 100% sure there is some used in some parts or some other method with same results). But back to the good sides. also like bands that has no or just little "Yoshiki drumming". BTW I think that quite popular in Japanese metal scene. Of course not in every genre... I'll prove that later (maybe not).

torstai 16. syyskuuta 2010

I've ignored this one too long

Back to normal nikkis for at least a day.

Was it KRANK amplification doing some metal music contest or big promoting in Japan somewhere around 2003-2004?!?!?! + - few years?? Correct me if I was wrong but Metal Safari was the band that won the competition or was in the main part. Why? Simply because they are GOOD!

That time I had different kind of music era going so I didn't listen them so much. Even I kept all these years eyes on them. Or should I say that you can't get into Japanese Metal scene without hearing name Metal Safari soon in a way or another.

They are releasing a new CD within few days so this is perfect timing to bring them to the wider audience. <- I hope you got the joke ^_^ CM:

And then full old song. Metal Safari comfirms the fact t if bands guitarist plays with the Caparison it is good band ^_^

Remember to check out their official samples for the next album!!

keskiviikko 15. syyskuuta 2010

Next = part xxx

Jikuu Kaizoku Seven Seas. This is more traditional extremely melodic heavy metal. I really like seeing females playing other instruments than keyboards even its nothing bad with that in any way. Eita is good example and she nicely guitars in Jikuu Kaizoku.

This band is for you if you like happy music, not too heavy stuff, melodies, "normal" singing, lot of twin leads or simply good music.

The band can't ever be bad if you get Paul Gilbert+Hellween+Iron Maiden vibes during the first 20 seconds!

females+j-metal part xx

Today I'll introduce Shadow. Very Swedish (and that southern city which name starts with letter 'G') sounding Japanese melodeath band. Swedish sound is a big plus for me! It means nice harmony leads and long solos! Female part of this band is Vocals by Tokiko Shimamoto. Her 'desuvoisu' (Death Vocs) are sung well so Shadow is a perfect band for this series of females in Japan Metal Bands. I like that I can post also other genres bands than just heavy metal and gothic ones. Unfortunately Shadows is inactive. Hopefully they make comeback or at least continue making music in other bands.

maanantai 13. syyskuuta 2010

BSC news + females in Japan metal part x

                                            ( pic from )

So now its official. Blood Stain child announced their new members when opening their new site. And it may come to big suprise that SadeW was replaced with Greece singer Sophia. Huge level up for Blood Stain Child because they also became female fronted band. And after hearing one new BSC demo with Sophia singing in angelic voice I can't wait to hear the release. Ryus lates blog tells interesting things about her so definately check it out: Ryu's official Monochrome blog (Japanese)

Drummer Gami comes from Youthquake so there is only small pressure how well he fills Vios boots. Since he was one of my favourite member. Its obvious that  I miss Vio but at least he visited in BSC recording sessions and is doing fine.

 There are not yet new video material from BSC so lets put something nice to the end from band called Alhambra. They are one of my favourite power metal bands from Japan with really nice arrangements and unique compositions that make them into top of the scene.


sunnuntai 12. syyskuuta 2010

Female power

I thought to present few female fronted band in the next posts since there is small active scene doing such music.

First one is Liv Moon which is not very familiar to me but I heard the name in other occasion which I'll explain later. After few spins of their songs this is gonna be one of the top bands in the whole genre and not just in Japanese scene making symhponic gothic metal.

Liv Moon is one women band and what a band it is! Akane Liv ( Okamoto Akane ) has interesting roots and she was born in Gothenburg Sweden. She has already made a career in the famous Takarazuka Opera and now having a very bright metal debut done. And fun fact is that the reason that Liv Moon exists is the song Phantom of the Opera from Finnish band Nightwish.

Beside good music interesting fact about Liv Moon is that they have just recruited Japanese guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura who is really nice guitarist and solo artist. I should write own post for just him because he plays gigs with Marty Friedman so he really ain't mr. nobody. At least he's got my respect.

But back to Liv Moon. Just one of these amazing band that comes out from Japan.


maanantai 6. syyskuuta 2010

Cyclamen + some news

Cyclamen is very technical band and so it narrows down the audience from the traditional J-rock/J-metal Fans. But if you are open minded or like more difficult music its really worth checking out. Support members of the band are not Japanese but mastermind of the band is and Japanese lyrics makes this 100% pure J-Metal.

Cyclamen - Never Ending Dreams:

And some really good news. Even Inhale hasn't new vocalist yet they ave released some preproduction material for their upcoming album. They have widened their sound more outside of the metalcore boundaries and it means more "nordic" melodies.
Check the 2 new songs 'Resurgent Threat' and 'Sanctuary' at Audioleaf immediately! NOW!!

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