perjantai 17. syyskuuta 2010

females part xxxx

Back in the days before Youtube or Myspace it was pain in the ass to find Japanese music legally or unlegally or even information via various sites (like Japanese Channel by Pam chan). Thos times therewas bands and getting fonts to get read most sites was so cool. But mp3's or samples were hard to get and todays blogs Ancient Myth has something to do with that.

Nope, not me telling ancient myth even I could tell too long about stuff like listening my favourite J-music on casette tape!

Ancient Myth's singer was in the scene already then with her band Mandylion. I didnät ever get any music of them I think so it was interesting to getting into know what knd of music it might have been with this band. Ancient Myth is something gothic and melodic metal with neoclassic elements. Good combination.But it would be better to my ears wihtout autotune effect (yeah I'm 100% sure there is some used in some parts or some other method with same results). But back to the good sides. also like bands that has no or just little "Yoshiki drumming". BTW I think that quite popular in Japanese metal scene. Of course not in every genre... I'll prove that later (maybe not).

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