tiistai 18. helmikuuta 2014


This is so good band that its worth mentioning after my long silence. (Another one would be DOLL$BOXX). If you have one band to get know this year it should be this. I was dissapointed not finding them at JAME even they seem to have a quite of following and very experienced musicians in the band. So here I am to announce that they are one of the most interesting and best bands in todays Japanese music scene. It is my personal opinion but it is very heavy opinion and it is then THE truth.

Despite the suspicious 88 in their band name they give very good vibe on almost any song they have made. Good mix of solid playing, catchy melodies, humour and interesting mashup of many genres. They sound like they do and what they enjoy. That is BULL ZEICHEN 88 about.

My first impression of them was a raised eyebrow but then then I heard word "Yacchaina" so my cold hard heart melt down and I began to listen what they are offering to me. I found out that they sound like what hide was at his best in those few epic songs but these guys makes it just much better in every way and with tongue in cheek attitude. Therefor they are the best possible legacy of hide and handling it very well.

Here are couple of examples what these amazing musicians has to offer:


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