perjantai 13. joulukuuta 2013


Still alive?

I am of course. Who would kill this ol' J-METARU fan?

I think I have mentioned or made it public information that  that I make music too.

Even this is not METAL METAL I introduce here my first ever real J-Rock song.  I think its very good and so should you think too.

There is only me playing here and my daughter gave her voice to some parts of the chorus.
This is made mostly in our living room and I think I recorded guitars in the bedroom. No fancy studio or professionals involved. Just one guy having fun and enjoying of making music.

Story behind the band name is something like this. It should be simple and easy and fit to Japanese language and have that ' in it. J'Arco = ジャルコ. We joked back in the1998 that lets make a  J-Rock band and record a single and sell a million and become rich because the drummer (who was actually a musician) looked so handsome that all the chicks buy it. But this song made back then is good so I wanted to make it a real song and share it more than the couple of friends taht say it is good just because they are my friends. Some of them may like this just because it makes you feel good. The song is intented to give hope and make you into happy mood.

Enjoy and it would be really cool to get some feedback.

And you can read the lyrics and download the official high quality version of it for free from here:

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