torstai 17. kesäkuuta 2010

Quest For Blood + teaser

Due to Soccer World Championship I have concetrated on it more than music and one good reason is to support Japan as I do.

I have plan to order some music from Japan since I found that HMV Japan has lot of CD I just need. Unfortunately Euro is too weak compared to Yen these days so I need to postpone the order.

Few days ago I was able to get two demo tracks of new BSC songs and I have to say that despite the sad news I'm really waiting the new CD now. New members makes the music very interesting. Ryu also writed in his blog about guest musicians from abroad and I know they are really cool ones! I wish there will be official information soon available. I'm keeping thumbs up for their tour in Europe!

Few years ago I found Quest For Blood from the guestbook of Finnish "cob" metal band Whispered. Q.F.B. is progressive extreme/black metal combining japanese flute and traditional Japanese vibes to their music.
This is not the most easist stuff to listen but enjoy:

And this is the Whispered -  Japan influenced music mixing it with Finnish melodeath:


sunnuntai 13. kesäkuuta 2010

Sad BSC News

Yesterday I read news about member changes in Blood Stain child. Their vocalist SadeW leaving was not that big shock but also Violator leaving was. Reason for that is that in the ancient time Violator was the first contact to the band which I found via Japanese COB band fan page. We exchanged the demo and since then we have been in touch and even met twice at their live. And now those lives becomes more important since my dream of European tour and meeting Violator is gone.

Good thing is that now there are interesting news waiting from BSC. Vio is still playing drums so maybe some new band coming which is not as big as BSC?!?

Blood Stain Child:  Requiem (I didn't find the demo version...):

perjantai 11. kesäkuuta 2010

Japanese Extreme Metal documentary

I found this impressive documentary on youtube when searching some grindcore. This is a mustsee!!! and extremely informative! There are interesting short interviews and some sound samples of some extreme metal bands with English subtitles.

Thank you Visual Justice Films and Mark Kellel!!

I learned some new bands like SSORC and Detritum and as they says in these videos Japan really has high quality bands. One thing that labels Japanese music in almost any genre is the dedication. That is rarely seen in western world. J-rock fans here in Europe (maybe in USA too) had same kind of dedication before it became just another subculture and subscene.










keskiviikko 9. kesäkuuta 2010


Concerto Moon is the first band of Japan in this genre which I got to knew. But it was in the days when it was impossible to get to hear any music. Also I didn't find their CD's during my Japan trips.

But without hearing any music the genre was clearly neoclassic. Logo with font like they have and band name itself and of course YJM (Yngwie J. Malmsteen) shaped guitar. So what to except. Powermetallish songs with lot of shredding and sweeps. Lot of harmonic minor scale and high tone singning. And that sums up Concerto Moon pretty much. I'd been quite happy about that 15 years ago but its too much these days. And if I want to listen to neoclassic I'd first pick up old YJM CD because some of those songs are epic and have also memory value that Concerto Moon doesn't have.

Still they play really well as you can see:

keskiviikko 2. kesäkuuta 2010

more doujin music!

I was right. Doujin circles makes fantastic music for my taste. Unlucky Morpheus is great example. The ones with the vocals are nice too (its Fuki from Lighbringer singing!!) but these instrumentals are awesome!

This one has great solo playing and cool references to my favourite Brasilian band Angra:

This one is really cool song too and there are too many left to hear.

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